Monday, 19 September 2011

New me!

I'm on a mission to try and improve my life. If I'm completely honest I'm not happy with my life right now, I believe nearly every part of it needs to be changed and improved!

So part of this is my health and fitness, over the past few years I've gained weight..and not a little bit of weight. I now feel uncomfortable with the way I look and this has made an impact on my confidence, self-esteem, and social life. Over the next few months I plan to change this, I have a target which is my birthday; round about 4 months away. By my birthday I want to have dropped 2-3 dress sizes. I plan to do this by eating healthy and more exercise, taken full advantage of my free gym membership.

I hope to do a monthly update on how this goes, so fingers crossed it goes to plan and by my birthday I'll be able to enjoy my self!

The next step to my new me is a makeover, once I've lost my weight I want a complete image change. I'm currently growing my hair out from the short bob I've had for a few years to a longer style. My old clothes will be thrown out and my wardrobe changed!

I'll let you know on how all this goes!


Live.Laugh.Love.....The reason behind the name.

So I decided to name my blog "Live.Laugh.Love". Its a motto I came across years ago and think it's a good way to live life basically. I believe that you should enjoy life and live for today. I'm only 19 and have regrets on my life, mostly it's wishing I had done things instead of being too scared to put myself out there. I'm paying for it now though so I don't want to live another few years and then still think "I wish, I wish".

Which is why I decided to live my life by this motto and also name my blog after it. I want to be able to live: taking risks etc instead of being too scared. Laugh: all the time! and Love a subject that seems to be a bit foreign to be right now.

About me :)

Hi guys,

Thought my first post willl be a bit about me and what I aim to do with my blog.

Well, my name is Jennifer-Leigh Luxton; but most people call me Jen. I'm 19 soon to be 20 in a few months (eek scary). I'm a qualified nursery nurse working as a creche assistant which I love. I'm a vegetarian, have been for 2 years this christmas. I have 6 piercings: 3 in each ear, tragus, nose and tummy. I did have my top ear and hip done too but those had to be taken out :(. I also have 2 tattoos, one just below my neck of my star sign (capricorn) and one on the inside of my left leg of a butterfly.

I love reading, I'm almost always reading some sort of book. So I plan to do a few book reviews with my blog. I also love listening to music, I listen to a (very) wide range of music. To give an example, I've got people like David Guetta and Professor Green to bands like My Chemical Romance, Guns N'Roses and Bon Jovi. So like I said a wide range! I enjoy exercising, one of the perks of working in a sports centre is a free membership! I think my favourite exercises would be cycling, walking and dancing!

I'm a brittle asthmatic, so I spent most of my teenage years in hospital or at appointments. But I finally have the right mixture of medicines which means I haven't had a hospital admission for over 2 years (touch wood!). One of the main medicines that has helped has been my terbutaline pump (I'll do a post on that later). I also have excema, most of it I've grown out of now thankfully.

I obviously love writing, and want to get back into it so that's what I aim to do with this blog. I'm going to post things about my life and my views on different subjects.

Hope I don't bore you!

Jenni-Leigh :) x